About Practice Makes Progress

The progressive movement needs a well-trained, well-paid, well-supported, ever-growing cohort of digital organizers who reflect America's emerging majority.

Practice Makes Progress trains progressive organizers to build a more just society online and in our workplaces.

We teach digital strategy and concrete inclusion to organizers and political operatives across the progressive movement, providing staff at all levels with the strategic and technical skills necessary to run high ­impact digital campaigns, and cultural knowledge and skills to advance justice within our organizations and our society.

At Practice Makes Progress, we value data, inclusion, and fun.


Digital strategists are not made by memorizing a set of approaches to this work -- great digital strategists know how to spot opportunities and measure and analyze audience responses to tactics.  Practice Makes Progress partners with leading digital operatives to develop cutting-edge curriculum that teaches campaign instincts as well as technical expertise.  Our trainings give organizers the skills to continually analyze and optimize their programs as well as show their digital programs' value to campaign leadership.


Progressive organizers seek to increase justice in the world, and that starts at home: we must do justice in how we treat each other in the workplace.  Practice Makes Progress prioritizes training people with life experience of marginalization and creating anti-oppressive work culture in digital organizing.


Human people do the work of organizing.  Burnout is a serious problem that robs individuals of their health and takes talented organizers away from crucial campaigns.  At Practice Makes Progress, we believe in fun.  People learn better when given the opportunity to doodle, or embellish a strategic plan with animated gifs, or take a break for a one-minute dance party.

And let's be real, when we organize on the Internet, our competition for our audience is cat videos -- maintaining a spirit of fun in our work makes us better organizers.

Jill Raney, Founder & CEO

Photo credit Jonna Huseman,  Jonna Michelle Photography

Photo credit Jonna Huseman, Jonna Michelle Photography

Jill Raney is an ambassador for the internet and inclusion. Across their decade of experience in labor, LGBT, and feminist advocacy Jill has built a track record of excellence in campaign strategy and infrastructure development. Jill is an expert trainer with broad experience in developing curriculum and teaching adults.

Jill's proudest accomplishments to date have included building a national network of activists to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," connecting Members of Congress with striking fast food workers, and making people laugh as they nail new skills. They will teach you to set ambitious, realistic goals and to organize as best you can to win.

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