Email Campaign Master Class, April 21-22

Join Practice Makes Progress for this 2-day intensive course April 21-22 in Washington, DC.  We will dive into the strategic and tactical nitty-gritty of driving high-performing email campaigns.  Bring your campaign goals, successes, challenges, and understanding of your audience, and you will leave with sharpened organizing and technical skills and a more polished plan for your campaign's email program.

This training is designed for practicing digital organizers who want to take their email program to the next level.  This training is also appropriate for field organizers, communicators, and other political operatives who want to understand digital organizing via blast email in greater depth.

Participants who currently work on an email program will come away with concrete skills and products that can be applied immediately to their work, including drafts of future emails, ideas for future A/B testing and list growth tactics tailored to their campaign, and honed skills in explaining their email program's value to colleagues.

Email Campaign Master Class
April 21-22, 2015
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Washington, DC

$500 per participant

Register today!  Following registration, participants will receive emails from Practice Makes Progress in the weeks leading up to the training, to survey participants on individual training needs and to keep everyone up to date on logistics for the event.

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