Introducing: Elice Rojas-Cruz

I’m proud to announce that I’m joining Jill Raney in her new venture at Practice Makes Progress!


My name is Elice Rojas-Cruz and I’m consulting as Logistics Manager. I will cover a variety of tasks during these first few weeks, focusing most of my time and energy on the logistics for the Email Campaign Master Class training coming up April 21-22. In addition, I will be developing systems for Practice Makes Progress including establishing a scholarship program that will enable unemployed and underemployed organizers to access our trainings. In my spare time, I will also be assisting with social media and marketing, so often you’ll hear my voice behind those tweets and Facebook posts!

About Me

I’m a young logistics and operations professional living in Washington, DC. I’m a proud Latina and New Yorker who ended up falling in love with DC when I came to American University in 2009. In the past year, I found my home in the progressive movement and also found my true instinct for logistics. I love organization, systems, and problem-solving in both my personal and professional life. I’m also exploring my growing interests in campaign operations and digital strategy. Now I find myself learning and growing every day with new goals and dreams to achieve.

Why Practice Makes Progress?

I met Jill in January when we had the opportunity to work together on another training program that unfortunately never came to fruition. We instantly connected over providing organizers with useful and fun classroom experiences. Let’s just say I have a hard time letting go of great ideas, because when Jill asked me to help her out with Practice Makes Progress, I was ready to go with a logistics plan!

I have complete faith in Jill to grow the progressive movement’s capacity by bringing new talent to digital organizing and coaching mid-level and advanced professionals to reach even higher. I admire her drive and her determination to make Practice Makes Progress trainings of the highest quality with the most diverse participants, trainers, and coaches.

One of my favorite aspects of the Practice Makes Progress mission is developing students into teachers. There is so much power in mastering a skill set and then turning around to teach it to exponentially more people. I’m looking forward to growing as a digital strategist and trainer myself, developing Practice Makes Progress programs that will grow training participants into coaches and trainers, and building a strong, supportive community of organizers.

I’m very excited to be a part of Practice Makes Progress and I can’t wait to see it grow!

So what now?

If you have any questions about logistics/operations or any other general inquiries about trainings, please contact me!
Twitter: @practiceprgress or @elicejosselyn