Step In With Confidence

A skills-building webinar for managers working to create inclusive workplaces

Does this sound familiar?

Your whole team is on a conference call, and then suddenly someone says something that you know is not cool. Or maybe someone sends an email around that includes a GIF that makes you cringe.

We live in a society blanketed with the smog of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and more -- and the truth is that because of that smog, subtle, sometimes unintentional, biased or discriminatory behavior is almost certain to happen in our organizations. And when those hurtful behaviors are ignored over and over again, they contribute to a hostile work environment that makes it challenging for people of color, women, trans people, people with disabilities, and LGB people to bring their all to their work.

Managers can make a huge impact by addressing oppressive, hurtful behavior when it does show up -- it’s just a matter of knowing what steps to take.

That's why Practice Makes Progress is partnering with Kaytee Ray-Riek on a webinar for managers on how to respond in a way that helps everyone move forward, from the person who cracked the offensive joke, to the person or people hurt by the joke, to the whole organization. We'll help you identify hurtful behavior, and then lay out some simple steps you can take in the moment and in the following days. We'll also leave plenty of time for questions -- which you can submit in advance if you'd prefer to ask anonymously -- so you can hear feedback and get support around your specific challenges.

This webinar is specifically designed for senior managers interested in creating inclusive workplaces, although anyone is welcome to join.

At the end of this webinar, you can expect to:

  • Recognize an individual’s office behavior that mirrors societal oppression.
  • Feel confident having a conversation with an employee who has said or done something hurtful or oppressive, as well as the person or people hurt by that person’s action.
  • Learn about tools that your workplace can use to prevent future incidents.

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Tickets are $200.  Discount tickets at $100 and $50 levels are available for employees of organizations with smaller budgets.  If $50 is out of reach for you but you’re excited to contribute what you would learn from this webinar to a progressive organization, get in touch with us at / and we’ll make it work.

Want to learn more about this training and whether it will meet your specific needs? Let’s hop on the phone and talk about it! Email us at / with the subject line “Step In With Confidence” and we’ll set up a time to talk.

Why you can trust us:

Kaytee Ray-Riek is a consultant working to support organizations to build staff cultures that create space for all staff, and especially staff likely to experience marginalization, to thrive. Before becoming a consultant, Kaytee was a digital campaigner who -- by nature of the pile of work in front of her -- got the opportunity to create an organizational culture rooted in equity, where people were able to speak up when they were hurt. Learn more about Kaytee and her work at

Jill Raney is an ambassador for the internet and inclusion. Across her decade of experience in labor, LGBT, and feminist advocacy she has built a track record of excellence in campaign strategy and infrastructure development. Jill is an expert trainer with broad experience in developing curriculum and teaching adults. She will teach you to set ambitious, realistic goals and to organize as best you can to win. Learn more about Jill and Practice Makes Progress at