Introducing: Tiffany Renee

Hi! My name is Tiffany Renee and I’m joining the Practice Makes Progress team as Chief Operating Officer. I cannot say enough how honored I am to join this powerful team training organizers to build a more just society online and in our workplaces!

I’ll be working with Jill and Practice Makes Progress on everything from strategic planning and project management to client relations and stewardship, as well as administrative leadership. I’ll also be in charge of updating the organization on the latest in LGBT policy and Beyoncé’s tour wardrobe.

A Bit About Me

Where to begin? I’m a proud Detroit native with a passion for social justice and far more degrees than I care to mention. I’m very queer, very Catholic, and a very strong gospel choir alto. My downloaded podcasts in order of importance are: The Read, Harvard Chan School of Public Health, and Radiolab’s More Perfect. I’ve been blessed to work with EMILY’s List, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the Michigan Prisoner Re-entry Initiative, and most recently the Smithsonian Institution. In addition to my work as the second full-time employee of Practice Makes Progress, I’m earning my Master of Public Health degree in LGBT Policy at George Washington University. In my free time (ha!), I’m co-producer of Washington, D.C.’s only troupe dedicated to the preservation of black history and performance, Chocolate City Burlesque and Cabaret. So, I guess you could say I’m all about personal and professional development, and that’s what brought me to Practice Makes Progress.

Joining Practice Makes Progress

Raised in the Rust Belt by a family of very hard-working Black Americans, I learned very early that workers are the people who power the world. So many of the power structures that shape our lives rely on workers while simultaneously blocking our access to power.

The private and public sectors are filled with people working to create a better world. Our passion is evident in everything from the food we eat to the roads on which we drive. We are the people working to help students of color with disabilities navigating predominantly white institutions and formerly incarcerated persons re-entering the world outside of prison. We are the people fighting for disenfranchised Latinx laborers and their families. We are Black people seeking to have relationships with the state informed by respect for our humanity. We are the people working to make sure no person is denied work or housing because of our sexuality or gender identity.

Practice Makes Progress facilitates workers like us sharing our knowledge and skills so that we can create a more just and affirming workplace for ourselves and future generations. I came to Practice Makes Progress to be a part of reshaping how we define and share power in our workplaces.

Keep in Touch

Have questions about trainings? Radical HR practices? Beyoncé’s latest album?  Contact me!

Twitter: @practiceprgress or @tiff_renee_31