Preventing Gender Fender Benders

When you don’t want to be rude and you want a little help!

Transgender and gender non-conforming people are among our colleagues, our social circles, and the audiences we work with. Creating an inclusive environment takes expertise and effort, and Practice Makes Progress is here to help.

You have good intentions. This workshop will give you space to grow your understanding of gender diversity, explore questions that might feel awkward, and learn how to make good on your intentions, so that the ways you treat others gives them the dignity and respect that you intend. This is way more than learning some new vocabulary -- we’ll give you the context you need to navigate what might feel like a big change in what gender means.

Our Approach

You'll learn a lot in a short time! Here’s a partial list of the concrete skills you’ll come away with:

  • How to show respect and comfort with people whose experience of gender differs from your own
  • How to ask someone what their pronouns are
  • How to apologize and recover from making a mistake such as misgendering
  • How to identify and challenge cissexism in your workplace and other parts of your life
  • How to continue learning about the complexities of gender without unfairly asking trans people for emotional labor

Ways to Participate

E-Learning at Your Own Pace

Our much-loved curriculum is now available as an e-learning course! For just $25 and about an hour of your time, you can make major progress as an ally to trans people.  Get started here!

Private Workshops for Groups

In-person workshop: $4,500

  • 3 hours
  • We usually cap participation at about 25-30 people so that everyone has room to participate, but we’re flexible and we’ll make arrangements that meet your needs.
  • Practice Makes Progress is based in Washington, DC, and we’ll travel to you!

Webinar: $2,500

  • 90 minutes
  • Some learning that we can make happen face-to-face just isn't replicable over webinar, but a lot of it is, and we're working on letting go of perfectionism here at Practice Makes Progress! (Get it?)
  • Available anywhere with internet access. We’ll make technology arrangements based on the size and needs of your group.

Discounts are available for multiple-session packages, and we're happy to make discount arrangements for organizations with budgets under $1M. Contact us today at!

Public Workshops

We sometimes hold Preventing Gender Fender Benders sessions that are open to the public. Watch this space or sign up for emails from Practice Makes Progress to hear about upcoming sessions!

Praise from Participants

“Great workshop. A lot of the content wasn't new to me, but it's clear that it was to a lot of folks here. This was the best training of this nature that I've been to.

“Jill is super great and charming. Great at fostering a sharing environment.”

“I loved the clear, nonjudgmental tone in which the information was conveyed!”

“I think it's extremely valuable for this workshop to be offered at work and would love to have more like it.”