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Progress Help Desk

Need help? Let's get on the phone! Yes, it's really that simple. Pay in 30-minute increments for my expertise on digital strategy, campaign planning, and anti-oppression organizing. You set the agenda, and I'll put my brain to the task of making your work better and your life easier.

To get started, fill out our interest form, or just call me at 202-656-7866!

* If a phone call isn't your style, we can meet over Skype or Google Hangout, or come to Practice Makes Progress's office (near U Street in Washington, DC) and we'll meet over free coffee!

$75-250 per 30 minutes, sliding scale

Preventing Gender Fender Benders Workshop

Transgender and gender non­conforming people are among our colleagues, our social circles, and the communities we serve. Creating an inclusive environment takes expertise and effort, and Practice Makes Progress is here to help. This 3-hour workshop will grow your team’s understanding of gender diversity. Your group will build knowledge, attitudes, and concrete skills that will contribute to a more inclusive workplace for staff and a more welcoming and effective environment for the communities you serve.

$4,500 per in-person session
$2,500 per webinar session
We offer discounts to organizations with budgets under $1M!

Click here to learn more about Preventing Gender Fender Benders and ways for individuals to participate!

Anti-Awkward Anti-Harassment Workshop

You don't want to be the next Uber. Proactively create a workplace culture where your staff and your work can thrive, but harassing behavior can't.

This workshop will unite your whole staff with shared understanding of what's appropriate in your particular workplace. Every staff member will build skills to understand how their behavior might impact others as well as skills to advocate for themselves and others in sensitive situations. Click here to learn more!

$6,000 per in-person session
$2,500 per webinar session
We offer discounts to organizations with budgets under $1M!

Cohesion and Inclusion Workshop

You know how important it is that your workplace is inclusive and every member of your team is able to do their best work.  It can make all the difference to step back from your hard work once in a while to get the whole team on the same page and moving stronger than ever to accomplish your mission.

This customizable retreat builds trust among colleagues and deepens mutual understanding.  Each staff member will develop skills in self-reflection, listening with emotional intelligence, and evaluating the accuracy and usefulness of assumptions, and your team will solidify shared understanding of how workplace norms can best support the needs of your organization.  We'll tailor the content and timing to meet the particular needs of your organization; Cohesion and Inclusion can be as short as a 3-hour workshop and as long as a 2-day retreat.

$1,500 per hour of training; e.g. $4,500 for a 3-hour workshop, $12,000 for a one-day retreat.
We offer discounts to organizations with budgets under $1M!

Custom Trainings

How do you want to grow? No training is one-size-fits-all, and Practice Makes Progress takes the time to get to know your organization and create bespoke learning experiences that fit your needs.

Our proven curriculum in core digital strategy skills runs the gamut from fundraising to email analytics to online-offline integration, and we’ll optimize them to fit you just right. Whether you’re seeking a fresh perspective on a campaign you’ve created or want to offer advanced development opportunities for your staff, Practice Makes Progress trainings will take your team where you need to go.

Building inclusive workplace culture requires a thoughtful approach that resonates with your team as well as folks you may want to build bridges with. Practice Makes Progress will work with your organization to create specialized trainings, coaching sessions, and other support services to help you evolve your workplace culture toward greater inclusion -- because it’s the right thing to do, and because inclusive teams are more effective. Through curriculum focusing on self-reflection, active listening, and creating anti-oppressive space for everyone, your team will refine their leadership skills as they learn new ways to live their progressive values.

$1,500-5,000 per hour of training, sliding scale based on organization resources

Speaking Engagements

With the digital and progressive worlds in a constant state of change, it’s always good to take a pause to hear about the what’s new, what’s changing, and what’s still core to the work of the progressive movement. Practice Makes Progress founder Jill Raney is available for speaking engagements that take on digital strategy, building inclusive workplaces, gender diversity, and more. Jill’s talks are a great way to get small teams thinking creatively about their work or a way to start a conversation within your entire organization during retreats and other all-staff events.

$150-500 per hour, or $1,500-5,000 for prepared remarks, sliding scale based on organization resources

Meeting Facilitation

Have a meeting planned with desired outcomes but an unclear path to reaching them? Practice Makes Progress will work with your team to create a strong agenda that meets your needs and then facilitate your meeting, ensuring that your time is productively spent and your goals remain front and center.


We all need a reminder sometimes that perfectionism is nobody's friend.

Starting a business is hard. The perfectionism that's haunted me for years and years makes it harder. A few months after I named my business Practice Makes Progress, I was really struggling with all the trial and error that's at the heart of starting a new venture. I took a piece of paper I'd printed my logo on, and I scrawled Perfect is BULLSHIT across the top. It helped.

Now you can buy this message in t-shirt form. I hope it helps you too.


Hire Practice Makes Progress

We're excited to work with you to build a more just society online and in our workplaces! Our trainings are customized to your needs, and so is our contracting process. We’re available to work on site, via webinar, and over the phone, with a turnaround time as fast as two days.

Email us at or fill out the interest form below. We'll schedule a free 30-minute phone call to discuss your goals and how we can help.

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Our sliding scale honors the differing financial realities of our client base, from small grassroots groups to large, well-resourced non-profit and for-profit organizations.

When you hire Practice Makes Progress, you're paying for our expertise and effort. Part of what you're paying for is emotional labor -- things like active listening, empathy, and designing the best possible experiences for the particular people we're working with. Patriarchy tells us this is "women's work" and doesn't deserve fair monetary compensation. That's nonsense. Caring about you as a person and listening to what you have to say is an important part of what makes our professional services so effective. If patriarchy is whispering in your ear that our prices seem high, it's because patriarchy's been training us all our lives to think of emotional labor as without value, an idea that robs us all of the respectful treatment we deserve.

Practice Makes Progress is a mission-driven for-profit organization. We train organizers to build a more just society online and in our workplaces -- and we're committed to building a more just society in our own workplace, too. The money we charge for our services goes to pay the workers whose expertise and effort make these learning experiences so meaningful. We're not interested in extracting profit by any means available to us, we're interested in paying workers for their work. It's a priority for us to keep at least a few seats open at every ticketed event for scholarship recipients, and it's a priority for us to share some of our ideas freely on the internet, to balance our needs to pay our people fairly and to make our learning experiences widely accessible.

Here's more on where Founder & CEO Jill Raney is at on capitalism.

Praise for Jill Raney and Practice Makes Progress

Linnae Riesen, Communications Director, SEIU Healthcare 1199NW

I’ve participated in a lot of trainings, but few of the trainers actually understood MY work like Jill did.

Beyond just using tools and thinking about metrics, Jill leads on developing strategy and engaging leaders. We need to do more than just understand content platforms, we need to understand how people think and act to help build the progressive movement. Jill gets that.

Lauren Gaffney, Steering Committee, Trans Legal Advocates of Washington

This does not do the work you did for TransLAW nearly enough justice, but thank you so very much for all of your help. Your guidance and organization were immensely constructive. If ever someone asks me for a facilitator recommendation, I'm going to shout at them that they should hire you.

Paul Allison, Digital Director, SEIU California State Council

Jill Raney is a talented digital strategist as well as a dynamic, engaging trainer. I was lucky enough to work with Jill and participate in the SEIU digital trainings she coordinated. These proved to be an invaluable resource for the hundreds of political, field, and communications staff that attended, and helped drive a strong digital program in many of our locals. The trainings also helped bring together a tremendous community of folks that continue to work together across locals and campaigns.

About Practice Makes Progress

The progressive movement needs a well-trained, well-paid, well-supported, ever-growing cohort of digital organizers who reflect America's emerging majority.

Practice Makes Progress trains progressive organizers to build a more just society online and in our workplaces.

We teach digital strategy and concrete inclusion to organizers and political operatives across the progressive movement, providing staff at all levels with the strategic and technical skills necessary to run high ­impact digital campaigns, and cultural knowledge and skills to advance justice within our organizations and our society.

At Practice Makes Progress, we value data, inclusion, and fun.


Digital strategists are not made by memorizing a set of approaches to this work -- great digital strategists know how to spot opportunities and measure and analyze audience responses to tactics.  Practice Makes Progress partners with leading digital operatives to develop cutting-edge curriculum that teaches campaign instincts as well as technical expertise.  Our trainings give organizers the skills to continually analyze and optimize their programs as well as show their digital programs' value to campaign leadership.


Progressive organizers seek to increase justice in the world, and that starts at home: we must do justice in how we treat each other in the workplace.  Practice Makes Progress prioritizes training people with life experience of marginalization and creating anti-oppressive work culture in digital organizing.


Human people do the work of organizing.  Burnout is a serious problem that robs individuals of their health and takes talented organizers away from crucial campaigns.  At Practice Makes Progress, we believe in fun.  People learn better when given the opportunity to doodle, or embellish a strategic plan with animated gifs, or take a break for a one-minute dance party.

And let's be real, when we organize on the Internet, our competition for our audience is cat videos -- maintaining a spirit of fun in our work makes us better organizers.

Jill Raney, Founder & CEO

Photo credit Jonna Huseman,  Jonna Michelle Photography

Photo credit Jonna Huseman, Jonna Michelle Photography

Jill Raney is an ambassador for the internet and inclusion. Across their decade of experience in labor, LGBT, and feminist advocacy Jill has built a track record of excellence in campaign strategy and infrastructure development. Jill is an expert trainer with broad experience in developing curriculum and teaching adults.

Jill's proudest accomplishments to date have included building a national network of activists to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," connecting Members of Congress with striking fast food workers, and making people laugh as they nail new skills. They will teach you to set ambitious, realistic goals and to organize as best you can to win.

Read more about Jill and why they started Practice Makes Progress.

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